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Our History

Jerry Leigh is a family-owned clothing manufacturer founded in 1962 on the philosophy that fashion should be accessible to everyone. 

Our Relationships

Jerry Leigh is able to offer high-quality garments at great price points for customers of all ages by utilizing trend-right designs and innovative production techniques.

Our Designs

Above all else, Jerry Leigh is focused on fashion: their in-house artists are visual storytellers who ensure each garment and stitch is influenced by the latest fashion trends.

If you’ve purchased clothing at Target, Walmart, Macy’s or JCPenney, chances are you’ve owned a garment created by garment and apparel manufacturing giant, Jerry Leigh of California.

Jerry Leigh of California was founded in 1962 as a little family-owned business operating out of a tiny plant on Beverly Boulevard. Built by UK-born and self-made entrepreneur Jerry Leigh, he founded the company on the reputation of providing high-quality, ready-to-wear garments directly to stores. He wanted to create and design fashion that could be accessible to everyone. As the business began to grow, Jerry Leigh of California became one of the first suppliers for Kmart and has only continued to grow since.

Later down the line, in the 1980s, Jerry Leigh’s son, Andrew Leigh, joined the team at the company and together they propelled the brand into a major player within the licensed apparel game. They began manufacturing inclusive sizing for children through adult clothing and moved from a boutique brand to a mass market manufacturer for household names like Warner Brothers, Disney, and Dickies.

Then, in the 2000s, Jerry Leigh of California became the go-to apparel company for celebrity brands. They were behind the massively successful Avril Lavigne-created, Kohl’s-exclusive brand, Abbey Dawn, as well as Gwen Stefani’s Target-exclusive brand, Harajuku Mini.

At Jerry Leigh, they focus on fashion first. With offerings for the entire family ranging from licensed brands to private labels, they embody the belief that fashion is a vehicle by which we can express who we are as individuals to the world.

What sets Jerry Leigh of California apart is the forward thinking of everyone on the team. They’re passionate about opening doors and tapping into new markets to find new ways to reach potential customers as well as fresh ideas for serving existing customers. They also are excellent at spotting a white space in the market and providing a product to fill that need. A great example of this is their line of cosplay products that launched an entirely new division of the company, providing year-round costuming.

Alongside the garments they create, Jerry Leigh and all of its employees proudly support several charitable causes. They’ve donated more than one million dollars to schools through their All American Workwear division, and they also participate in events that support and raise awareness of breast cancer, including the Keep a Breast Foundation.

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