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In order to develop a successful clothing line of your own as a designer, your first priority should be finding the right manufacturing company for you and your needs, and immediately working to build a relationship with that company. Manufacturing companies have the ultimate responsibility of producing your designs to develop the garments you are ultimately seeking to create. Without them, scaling your clothing line to the masses is nearly impossible. 

Here are some insights on choosing the right clothing manufacturer to meet your needs (and quota).

Full-Package Manufacturers

The easiest route to go in choosing a manufacturer is finding one that does it all, exactly how full-package manufacturers do. They take a lot of the stress out of many of the decisions that usually need to be made by the designer. Typically, they will source necessary materials, oversee quality control, along with facilitating the entire production (patterns, grades, sewing, printing, and shipping). Having one manufacturer handle everything can help make the process more efficient, and can help eliminate communication errors down the road.

CMT Manufacturers

CMT stands for cut, make, trim, and that is exactly what these manufacturer types do. They take your already sourced materials and specs, then they handle the cutting and sewing of each garment before ultimately handing them over to you. If you are confident in your material sourcing skills, and want more overall control of the production, a CMT is the way to go.


Piecemeal is a process often adapted by some of the more prominent designers in the industry. This is a method typically used by those with extensive background knowledge in fashion production. The process includes utilizing different factories for each step of your process, and quite literally piecing them together upon completion. This type of manufacturer is typically used when designers are looking for individual factories who specialize in different parts of the process to ultimately produce a beautiful garment.

Before you make your decision, be sure to do lots of research into the manufacturing process and factory of your choice to ensure your garments will be made with the utmost care and quality.