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Making the right decision on the type of fabric that is necessary for a particular garment is important. Choosing the right type of fabric is just one of the integral parts of designing any article of clothing. Whether you are making a wedding dress, children’s clothing, uniforms, or adult undergarments, they each are unique in their own way and require a different type of fabric.

Fabric is made up of different fibers that have been twisted into and then either woven or knitted into various pieces of fabric. Each fabric can be different and have special types of finishes that are applied to them. There is an endless list of types of fabrics and there are constantly brand new fabric types being made. With each different product that is made with fabric, there is a fabric specification list. This list is typically written by the manufacturer and provides a detailed list of the requirements for that fabric. The list, in turn, helps the designer know what the limitations are for that particular fabric when they go to choose to design garments.

When choosing the right fabric to design garments, there are quite a few questions and thoughts to consider. What must the fabric be able to do when made into the garment? What type of budget should be spent on the fabric? What type of fabric will look good for the garment? Are there any type of special properties that need to be included in the fabric? Each of these answers must be taken into careful consideration because it dictates how and what the garment will be designed out of.

Infant and baby clothing must consist of a fabric that is soft and gentle. Most soft knitted fabrics are chosen for this garment due to the sensitivity of an infant’s skin. Toddler clothing must be soft and comfortable, yet durable at the same time due to the climbing and walking that toddlers are beginning to do. Adult and other undergarment fabrics typically consist of cotton, poplin, thin cambric, satin or rayon. Each time a garment is set to be made, the designer must wisely choose the type of fabric to be used based on the needs of the garment.