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In the manufacturing industry, there has been a paradigm shift in the way companies approach marketing. One of the predominant strategies has been increasing the marketing budget by up to 8% as a way of helping get as much market exposure as possible for products. The market, especially customers, is also making a paramount shift in the particular attributes they look out for when shopping for manufactured products. This is gradually prompting manufacturing businesses to implement turnaround strategies to meet customers’ preferences.

Increased Product Visibility

The entrance of large e-commerce enterprises, such as Amazon, facilitates the ability of manufacturing businesses to avail products directly to customers. In essence, this idea has eliminated the existence and predominance of brick-and-mortar stores from where customers used to visually inspect the products that are showcased. In response, manufacturing businesses have to invest heavily in ensuring that they reveal as much as possible relating to the products they offer on e-commerce platforms.

The idea of increasing product visibility is to enable customers to make informed decisions based on accurate product information displayed. This can be done by e-commerce websites and companies enlisting products’ details, such as specifications, size, weight, digital manuals, product description, and review videos.

Product Transparency

In addition, manufacturing businesses and factories which deal with production are increasingly making their manufacturing processes as transparent to customers as possible. The idea here is to give customers an opportunity to visually inspect the quality of products and services being rendered by the business. This is particularly proving to be a game-changer for e-commerce businesses that give customers an opportunity to visualize the progress of fulfilling their orders. For instance, a customer can track and trace the entire process of order confirmation and fulfillment, including checking when the order has left the distribution centers and the entire order-to-delivery process.

Adopting Connectivity

In the spirit of enhancing customer service, manufacturing businesses are focusing on establishing as close connectivity with customers as possible. In fulfillment of this need, businesses are setting up social media connectivity with all stakeholders involved in the order fulfillment process. This is a strategy aimed at increasing customer satisfaction and building strong digital relationships with customers.