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Technology largely impacts how we do business today. The manufacturing industry has been hugely impacted by various tech solutions, most of which are geared towards enhancing operational efficiency and increasing return on investment. The proper introduction of the relevant technological solutions in a manufacturing business can also help increase production substantially in addition to having other positive impacts.

One of the key areas that have substantially changed with the introduction of technology in manufacturing is the enhancement of research and product development. Various relevant tech solutions enable researchers in manufacturing businesses to come up with prototypes and print three-dimensional samples for testing and verification. This idea has significantly cut down on the cost and time required to come up with a new product for the market.

The product testing part of the product development cycle is also significantly revamped. Various testing machines are rolled out in relevant industries to assess material properties before embarking on patenting and production.

The manufacturing industry has also achieved significant efficiency when it comes to resource planning. In a large manufacturing business, enterprise resource planning enables manufacturers to take active control of how resources are distributed on the manufacturing floor. The distribution of workers and machines used to complement production in various manufacturing segments ensures the perfect harmonious operation for optimal production.

Businesses also get an opportunity to have better control of the manufacturing process by tracking the flow of data and products. This concept is enhanced by the availability of the manufacturing internet of things concept where different machines located in different parts of the manufacturing floor can share data. The inter-machine sharing of data enables sophistication in the manufacturing process, where the manufacturing process takes place harmoniously. 

Lastly, manufacturers have also achieved a major breakthrough when it comes to machine control. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are making a huge impact in the way machine operators go about controlling machine operation.

Modern-day machines are fitted with tech advancements that are capable of making accurate and nearly sophisticated decisions autonomously. For instance, machines that are deemed dangerous and risky to work with can instantaneously stop operating when they detect the dangerous presence of a human. This way, these machines facilitate the prevention of accidents on the manufacturing floor.